Live Swim Meet Results

With the SwimPhone application on your mobile phone, meet results are immediately accessible to the swimmer, coach, teammates, friends and family.  Compatible devices include the Android, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTouch and many others.
Easy-to-read live results are provided for each heat and lane - so your community can stay updated as you become the champion or reach the next your next qualifying standard.
A list of events by individual is instantly updated in real time on your phone as the swims are completed, in addition to current time standard achievements.
No more borrowing wet, outdated guidebooks from the coaching staff at the pool.  With SwimPhone, the swimmer, coach, and family immediately learn what qualifying time has been reached.
SwimPhone provides an immediate event-by-event analysis by phone to both the coach and swimmer.  This interactive feature includes a graph of race splits that helps the coach better illustrate both the positive and negative aspects of the swim.  Coaches have the option of accessing this on deck by phone seconds after the swim, or taking the time to revisit the race on SwimPhone by later typing praise and criticism in the page's comment box.  The page can be viewed at any date by the swimmer, which makes reviewing races even easier when preparing for the finals session, or for the next meet.

This tool is already an integral fixture at USMS competitions.  Many Masters swimmers use SwimPhone to compare their split graphs with teammates, in addition to their previous results.  SwimPhone has recently expanded to the age group, high school, junior college and NCAA levels to give swimmers the technological edge that has been missing from competitive swimming.  ...Help give YOUR team the next big win with SwimPhone.

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