SwimPhone does not require a separate app downloaded from the iPhone or Google stores.  SwimPhone is a "web app" which works with any web-connected device with a browser.  There is no iPhone app.  There is no Google App.

What is SwimPhone?
SwimPhone is a brand new technology that displays swim meet information on any web-connected device with a browser.

What information does SwimPhone display?
Psych sheets, meet check-in, heat sheets, race results with graphs, splits, places and points.

What devices work with SwimPhone?
Any web-connected device with a browser including iPhones, Blackberrys, Google phones, Palms, iPads, laptops with wireless cards, computers connected to internet.

What if I don't have an iPhone?
SwimPhone is not just for iPhones.  SwimPhone works on ANY web-connected device including computers.  And don't forget, you can always borrow your coach's or someone else's phone to check your splits.

What swim groups use SwimPhone?
SwimPhone is used by USA Swimming, YMCAs, high schools, colleges, U.S. Masters Swimming, Masters Swimming Australia and Masters Swimming Canada.

What people use SwimPhone?
Swimmers, coaches, spectators, parents, friends, recruiters, people at home.

How do I get my meet on SwimPhone? / How do I get started?
Call SwimPhone at 888-794-6638 x106.

How does it work?
The swim meet administrator uploads a meet information file, we process the data and load it into our modules so it is available on SwimPhone.

How much does SwimPhone cost?
Free - we generate our revenue from advertisers.

What other services does SwimPhone offer?
Meet Registration - $0.15/splash, Swim Times Database - Free, Swimmer Database - $30/month.  Call us.